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Patrick Norén

Patrick Norén is a British-Swedish freelance journalist based in Leiden, The Netherlands. Speaking nine languages to varying degrees, he has a BA in Modern Languages and Cultures (German and Russian) from Durham University and an MA in Russian and Eurasian Studies from Leiden University. His interests include the cultures of the South Caucasus and Central Asia in a post-imperial and post-Soviet context, as well as connectivity, travel and tourism, and the intersection of politics and culture.

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Patrick Norén


Kazakhstan is in the Cockpit as the Middle Corridor Takes Flight

The Middle Corridor trade route has been of great geopolitical importance since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine—not just over land, but in the sky too. Kazakhstan hopes to capitalize on this potential for increased air traffic and become a new transport hub between East and West.

Could Central Asia Boast the Next Big Backpacker Trail?

Could Central Asia provide a new backpacking trail? Patrick Norén investigates.

Kazakhstan Reimagines Its Roots as a Cultural Revival Takes Hold

Kazakhstan is looking to its roots for a new cultural revival.