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Charles van der Leeuw

Co-founder of Caspian Business News (Baku https://www.info-clipper.com/en/company/azerbaijan/caspian-business-news-newspaper-publisher.azd9xoa1s.html) and author of Cold War II: Cries in the desert – or how to counterbalance NATO’s propaganda from Ukraine to Central Asia (2015).

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Charles van der Leeuw


Climate Heroes of Doom Jump on Unique Caspian Sea Level Phenomenon

The continuing rise and fall of the water surface of the Caspian Sea has puzzled scientists and worried fishermen and tourist operators for centuries. Now, prophets of doom and gloom predict a point of no return, indicating that the Caspian Sea could be threatened by the same fate choking its counterpart to the east, the Aral Sea.

23 June 2023

Caucasus, Opinion

Eurasian Economic Union Upheld as a Tranquil Force in a Turbulent Environment

The East’s counterpart to the European Union, the Russia-dominated Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), seems determined to avoid political pitfalls and focus exclusively on economics. At the May 25 summit in Moscow, leaders of its member states agreed to speed up the block’s consolidation rather than seek swift expansion.

China Scores High in the New Great Game over the East-Caspian Region

Overlapping high-level meetings saw both China and the EU separately working on economic cooperation measures with five Central Asian countries. But that doesn’t mean that Russia has been sidelined, argues Charles van der Leeuw.

Western Anti-Russian Sanctions Affect Central Asia—But Not in the Way the West Had Hoped For

As the West considers expanding sanctions to include other countries, some believe this could actually work to consolidate alliances with Russia.