Geological Poetry of the Khizi Mountains

The Caspian Post

Magic awaits as you drive the quiet back lane leading to the tiny regional capital of Azerbaijan’s Khizi region. North of the road rises fabulous geological swirls that whisper artistic echoes of the divine. Look closely, and you’ll find the arid landforms scattered with myriad mini fossils. Step back, and you’ll appreciate the interspersed layers of white and pinkish-orange strata whose colours have led travel guides to call this area the Candycane Mountains. In complete isolation, close to the most accessible section of these remarkable hills, lies a bust and tiny museum dedicated to the Azerbaijani poet Mikayil Mushvig (1908-1939). Discover the area through snippets from Mushvig’s verses accompanied by beautiful photos of the area by Lyokin Photography.


Shine like the sun, o heart, on mornings new[1]


Celestial sphere – my feelings’ airy harbour

With these vast azure heavens[2]


My heartbeats said: “There’s luck ahead… Great glorious days that braze and daze[3]


How glorious at dawn

Suddenly to feel our spirit

In everything that is around!

See the reflection - Beloved.[4]


Winds, winds, so different are you - compassionate and formidable

Now timid, now fearless, then careless or serious,

Indifferent, biased, frosty or hot.

In the north and west you are, in the south you soar,

And all our oriental smells you surely have absorbed.


Drying heady dew, do the unprecedented -

Where a horse with horseshoes would part,

There you meet the scarlet sky,

Your prowess undiminished[5]







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