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Azerbaijan Denies Claims of Opening Fire at Border

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A damaged bridge in the Kalbajar district of Azerbaijan, on the Armenia - Azerbaijan border. Image: Mykolas Juodele/Shutterstock

This article was updated on May 25, 2021, at 2:32 pm MDT


On May 25, 2021 the Armenian Ministry of Defense reported that an Armenian serviceman was killed after a shot was fired in the Verin Shorzha (Yuxarı Şorca) border section of Gegharkunik Province of Armenia, and the Kalbajar border section of Azerbaijan.  


The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense responded:  “On May 25, in the afternoon, seven trucks with military personnel of the Armenian armed forces tried to approach the above-mentioned area of the border. As a result of prevention measures taken by our units, the movement of the enemy was suppressed.” 


We unequivocally state that our units did not open aimed fire on the enemy. According to the information we possess, the incident involving the death of an Armenian serviceman occurred as a result of an accident. This incident has nothing to do with the Azerbaijani side.” The Ministry said it was in contact with the Russian side on the issue. 


Regarding an Armenian soldier in an unrelated case having committed suicide, suffering fatal wounds from a gunshot to the head, the Armenian press added to the confusion by presenting two different incidents as the same. The Advisor to the Prosecutor General of Armenia, Gor Abrahamyan, wrote on his facebook page today: “The incident didn’t take place in Gegharkunik Province, as the presses presented. I ask not to spread misinformation.”  


A representative of the State Border Service, Colonel Murad Nagiyev, interviewed by AzerTaj News, said the “situation on the state border with Armenia is stable and under our control. We are taking measures to resolve all disputes without tension. As the State Border Service, “we keep in touch with the representatives of the Russian Federation on a daily basis and take a constructive approach to resolving all issues.” 


“I declare with full responsibility that no fire was fired on the territory of Armenia by our units today.” 


The Armenian press release had reported that “Fire was opened in the direction of Armenian border guards by the adversary. The details of the incident are being specified.” However,, an Armenian news publication, reported that the “situation is currently under control, and there are no shootings.”