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US Ambassador to Georgia: "The Government is Responsible for Saakashvili's Health"

Image: Phil Pasquini/Shutterstock

(JAMnews) US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan said the Georgian government is responsible for providing medical care to Saakashvili. The trial of Mikheil Saakashvili was supposed to take place today, December 9, but the judge postponed it to December 14.


According to Degnan, America is “very closely watching” Saakashvili’s case and the Public Defender’s Office is “really commendable” for exemplary monitoring of his health and defense of his rights.


Degnan says she has visited Saakashvili twice in the past week:


“Ultimately, the Georgian government has a responsibility to protect Mr. Saakashvili’s physical and mental health, meet his medical needs and protect his rights, including a fair trial, and we will ensure that this constitutional obligation and accountability is upheld.”


On November 28, a new trial against Saakashvili began in the Tbilisi City Court over illegal border crossing. Saakashvili himself was unable to attend the meeting for health reasons. Judge Nino Chakhnashvili adjourned the hearing for an indefinite period.


President Salome Zurabishvili said on November 24 that Saakashvili’s health is important for the country’s reputation, and if it is that bad, then the court should decide accordingly.


Saakashvili’s family has been requesting that he be allowed to go abroad for treatment.