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Onnik James Krikorian

Onnik James Krikorian is a journalist, photojournalist, and consultant from the U.K. who has been based in the South Caucasus since 1998. He has covered the Karabakh conflict since 1994 and also the August 2008 war between Russia and Georgia. He has worked as a consultant for major international organizations and facilitated workshops for journalists from Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and the South Caucasus.

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Onnik James Krikorian


Renewed Fighting Overshadows Humanitarian Aid Reaching Karabakh via Lachin and Aghdam 

On 19 September, Azerbaijan has enacted counter-terrorism measures in response to alleged terror attacks in the former NKAO. Onnik James Krikorian analyzes the recent developments

New Route Opens to Supply Aid to Karabakh Amid Lachin Impasse

Humanitarian aid has finally arrived in Karabakh marking a crucial step in addressing the region's humanitarian needs amid ongoing challenges.

De Facto Leader of Karabakh Armenians Steps Down

Following Arayik Harutyunyan's resignation as de facto leader of the former NKAO, the future of the region remains uncertain.

Gardabani’s Ashiqs: Guardians of an Ancient Musical Tradition

Onnik James Krikorian heads to Gardabani to meet leading surviving exponents of the Turkic troubadour tradition in eastern Georgia’s Azerbaijani community. Despite many challenges for exponents, the art form continues to inspire a passionate following.

1 September 2023

Caucasus, Culture

Power Play in Yerevan: Former Mayor Challenges Pashinyan’s Candidate

Although PM Pashinyan’s favoured candidate is still expected to win Yerevan’s mayoral election on 17 September, the return of former mayor and Pashinyan critic Hayk Marutyan to the race could prove decisive in determining the country’s future.

21 August 2023

Caucasus, Opinion

Puppetry Unites Ethnic Communities in Mixed Georgian Region

Georgian-Armenian artist, poet, and puppeteer, Armen Hovhannisyan, uses his puppet shows to unite the Armenian, Azerbaijani, and Georgian communities living in the multicultural municipality of Marneuli, Georgia.

4 August 2023

Caucasus, Culture

Street Punk Legends The Exploited Play Tbilisi, Yerevan and Istanbul

Punk legends The Exploited have been touring Eurasia crossing geopolitical fault lines with concerts in Turkey, Armenia and and Georgia. Onnik Krikorian met the band after their Tbilisi show and reflects on what it means.

20 June 2023

Caucasus, Culture

EU Funded JOLIG Plans to Bring Young Armenians and Azerbaijanis Together for Summer School

Following recommendations put forward by Links Europe, JOLIG plans to gather young Azerbaijani and Armenians together for a Tbilisi summer camp.

Metal Battle Unites Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkiye in Tbilisi

Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, and Turkish bands were united during the Wacken Metal Battle in Tbilisi.

Sevan Bıçakçı: Istanbul’s King of Rings

In the world of fine jewellery, Sevan Bıçakçı is well known, winning multiple awards and having his jewellery worn by celebrities.

Russia Faces Serious Problems in Developing North-South Trade Corridor via Caspian Sea

Russia Faces Serious Problems in Developing North-South Trade Corridor via Caspian Sea

From St. Petersburg to Tbilisi: The Georgian Punk Scene Experiences a Revival

Punks in Georgia: In the wake of the war in Ukraine, Tbilisi’s already imaginative music scene is getting an added boost from an influx of alternative-minded Russians.

22 March 2023

Caucasus, Culture

Beez Theatre's "Qarınqulu Ayı Balası" Spreads Messages of Friendship and Community

Ethnic Azerbaijani children of the small town of Gardabani, Georgia, are spreading messages of friendship and community through the ground breaking new junior theatre, Beez.

10 March 2023

Caucasus, Culture

Analysis-Central Asian Aviation Sees Opportunities in Ukraine Crisis

Analysis-Central Asian Aviation Sees Opportunities in Ukraine Crisis

Armenian and Azerbaijani Leaders Meet Blinken, Participate in Panel Discussion at Munich Security Conference

Happening now: The high-level talks between Azerbaijan and Armenia are currently underway in Munich, Germany, with the mediation of the US Secretary of State Blinken.

Armenian Foreign Minister Visits Turkiye After Earthquake, Rekindles Hopes for Normalization

Armenia’s foreign minister’s visit to Ankara surprised many observers. Was it just a goodwill gesture or does the trip signal an expedited opening of the Turkiye-Armenia border in the near future?

Russian Jews Head for Israel as Kremlin Targets Emigration Group

Russian Jews Head for Israel as Kremlin Targets Emigration Group

18 August 2022