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Politics & Economy

Separatists in Karabakh Accept Azerbaijan’s Ceasefire Terms

On 20 September, the de facto authorities in Karabakh agreed to Azerbaijan's ceasefire terms.

20 September 2023

Mae Walsh-Zamanbayova

Politics & Economy

Renewed Fighting Overshadows Humanitarian Aid Reaching Karabakh via Lachin and Aghdam 

On 19 September, Azerbaijan has enacted counter-terrorism measures in response to alleged terror attacks in the former NKAO. Onnik James Krikorian analyzes the recent developments

19 September 2023

Onnik James Krikorian

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New Route Opens to Supply Aid to Karabakh Amid Lachin Impasse

Humanitarian aid has finally arrived in Karabakh marking a crucial step in addressing the region's humanitarian needs amid ongoing challenges.

13 September 2023

Onnik James Krikorian

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Central Asian Leaders Address Water Challenges, Security at Summit in Tajikistan

Amid concerns about security, energy, and water scarcity at the summit of the five Central Asian leaders and the Azerbaijani president, calls were made to cooperate as a region to handle these issues.

18 September 2023
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Russia Uses All Means to Recruit Central Asians for War in Ukraine

Russia seeks to recruit Central Asians for its war in Ukraine, using various tactics including coercion, promises of citizenship, and exploitation of labor migrants, as it strives to avoid mobilizing ethnic Russians and public backlash ahead of the 2024 presidential elections.

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‘Peaceful Atom’ Sparks Fierce Debate in Kazakh Village Slated to Host Nuclear Power Plant

The Kazakh village of Ulken is set to host a new nuclear power plant, but while some residents are hopeful of the resulting population boom, others are more worried about the potential environmental impacts.

28 August 2023

Peter Trotsenko

Politics & Economy

Iranian Chess Player Who Removed Hijab Gets Spanish Citizenship

Iranian chess player, Sara Khadem, was issued with an arrest warrant after competing at chess championships without a hijab in Kazkahstan in December 2022. Now, she has been granted Spanish citizenship and claims she has no regrets.

27 July 2023
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Canada, Partners Take Iran to International Court of Justice Over Sowned Jet

Canada, Britain, Sweden, and Ukraine will take Iran to the International Court of Justice over the 2020 downing of a Ukrainian airliner. Most of the 176 victims were from these countries. Iran claimed it was accidental.

29 June 2023

Kanishka Singh

Politics & Economy

Iran and Uzbekistan Sign Economic Cooperation Agreements

Uzbekistan's President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Iran, the first by an Uzbek president in over 20 years. They signed 11 agreements to enhance cooperation in trade, transport, technology, and more. Both nations also discussed setting standards and exploring trade deals, given their shared border with Afghanistan.

19 June 2023