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Emil Avdaliani

Emil Avdaliani, an Oxford graduate, is a professor at Tbilisi’s European University and the Director of Middle East Studies at Georgian think-tank, Geocase. Among his published books is “Georgia and the Silk Road (VI-XIII cc.)” Dr. Avdaliani specializes in modern political and military issues in the South Caucasus and wider Eurasia.

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Emil Avdaliani


The Use of “Passportization” in Perpetuating Unrecognized Separatist States

Russia and Armenia both use "passportization" to support unrecognized separatist states in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Moldova. How do they get away with it?

29 November 2022

Caucasus, Opinion

Russia and the Looming Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Deal

Amid all the attention on the war in Ukraine, two historic foes in the South Caucasus are close to reaching a peace agreement that would help alleviate Armenia’s isolation. The potential rapprochement is in parallel to progress on establishing diplomatic ties between Armenia and Turkey. Together, these factors can potentially upend the geopolitics of the South Caucasus.

Global Illiberal Trends and the Case of Georgia

Illiberalism can be defined exactly as it sounds - opposition to or restriction of liberal ideas and actions.  The stance seems to be having its own global renaissance over the last few years. Emil Avdaliani explores how the phenomenon is playing out in the Caucasian country of Georgia.

The War in Ukraine Threatens Tectonic Changes in the South Caucasus

Has Russia's invasion of Ukraine changed the South Caucasus forever? Emil Avdaliani explores how Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, wedged between Russia and Europe, are each handling the new geopolitical situation.

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Puts Georgia in a Difficult Spot

Having Russia as a powerful neighbour is never easy, but things are even harder during the Ukraine war when countries like Georgia, who are politically closer to Kyiv than to Moscow, are forced to walk a diplomatic tightrope.

1 April 2022

Caucasus, Opinion