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16 September 2021

A Snapshot of Shusha in September 2021

Shusha, Karabakh, Azerbaijan

shusha karabakh azerbaijan

Photos by Orkhan Azim 

The city of Shusha holds an enormously important place in the hearts of Azerbaijanis as one of the country’s most important historic cities of art and culture. For nearly 30 years, songs of lament wept over its occupation by Armenians. Then, in November 2020, the Second Karabakh War culminated in the city’s recapture by the Azerbaijani army. Ten months after that pivotal battle, photographer Orkhan Azim visited Shusha via a freshly paved new road and sent this pictorial snapshot. 

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From some angles, the leafy city looks reasonably intact as though nothing had happened. The Qarabagh Hotel, which dominates the upper town centre area, has been completely renovated and is now a rather comfortable modern affair, though more upmarket accommodation is slated for imminent construction, anticipating a future tourism boom. 

However, it doesn’t take much looking around to find ample scars of war.