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Mae Walsh is a writer and editor from the UK who first moved to Azerbaijan in 2018. She has since completed an MSc in Criminology at Birkbeck, University of London, which focused on gender issues and UK law.

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Mae Walsh


Aliyev Raises Flag in Khankendi

Azerbaijan symbolizes its sovereignty over its previously occupied territory with the raising of its flag in numerous Karabakh towns and cities, including Khankendi.

Why are Ethnic Armenians Leaving Karabakh?

Ethnic Armenians are leaving Karabakh, citing “ethnic cleansing.” However, Azerbaijan categorically denies such allegations and remains committed to the peaceful reintegration of the region.

Separatists in Karabakh Accept Azerbaijan’s Ceasefire Terms

On 20 September, the de facto authorities in Karabakh agreed to Azerbaijan's ceasefire terms.

Preliminary Observations Show Moreno Ocampo’s Report is “Fundamentally Flawed”

Rodney Dixon KC’s preliminary observations have highlighted many crucial shortcomings in former ICC Prosecutor Moreno Ocampo’s outrageous report accusing Azerbaijan of genocide.

Journalists Faced with Social Media Abuse Following Shusha Global Media Forum

Last month, international journalists and media experts attended the Shusha Global Media Forum, and while the discussion was varied and balanced, many pro-Armenian lobbyists are outraged and harassing those involved.

Aid and Supplies – What’s Really Happening in Karabakh?

Reports from some Armenian and European commentators suggest that an Azerbaijani stranglehold over supplies is causing a humanitarian catastrophe in rump-Nagorno Karabakh. But when Baku set up a new aid route via Agdam, Armenians blocked that. What’s the geopolitical game?

Mining in the South Caucasus and its Environmental Hazards

Mineral mines are a great potential source of wealth in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia but also have the potential to do great environmental harm. Three decades after the USSR, how is the industry doing in the South Caucasus?

How to Treat Rebels? Aliyev’s Offer of Amnesty: Reactions and International Practice

With a full peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia in sight, one thing is still unclear: what will happen to the individuals who led the separatist movement in Karabakh? Azerbaijan's president has an idea.

Azerbaijani and Israeli Presidents Meet in Baku

Azerbaijani and Israeli presidents, Ilham Aliyev and Isaac Herzog, meet in Baku to further strengthen bilateral ties.

Armenia Declares Its Recognition of Azerbaijan’s Territorial Integrity

See a brief recap of Brussels meeting between PM Nikol Pashinyan and President Ilham Aliyev. What are the implications?

Four Days of Azerbaijan-Armenia talks Kick Off in Washington

Peace beckons as Blinken brings together Mirzoyan and Bayramov for four days of Azerbaijan-Armenia talks in Washington.

Lelo Burti: Georgia's Traditional Folk Sport

Lelo Burti: Georgia's Traditional Folk Sport

17 April 2023

Caucasus, Culture

Recent Skirmish on Azerbaijan-Armenia Border Leaves Seven Dead

On April 11, seven soldiers died in a shoot-out on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border. Each country has called the clash a ‘provocation’ as both sides argue as to who shot first and why.