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Vahid Qarabagli

Vahid Qarabagli was born in Iranian Azerbaijan, in Bilesuvar, and has been living in Vancouver, Canada since 2009. His Bachelor of Arts is in Sociology, with a minor in Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice is from the University of British Columbia. He is currently working on a Master’s in Education and Society at McGill University. His primary research interests are multilingual education, social justice, minority issues, and critical discourse analysis.

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Vahid Qarabagli


Mirza Hasan Roshdiyyeh: The Architect of Modern Education in Iran

Vahid Qarabagli explores the remarkable life of Mirza Hasan Roshdiyyeh, who revolutionized Iranian education by challenging religious norms to establish modern schools and promote public mother-language-based education.

20 March 2024

Iran, Stories

The Azerbaijani Civic Nation: a Diaspora-based Language Education Initiative for Azerbaijani-Turks in Iran

“If we don't think in [our language, it] no longer exists.” So says Dr. Lale Javanshir, one of the main forces behind an educational programme which helps Azerbaijanis in Iran develop technical and written skills in their mother-tongue.

The Protests in Iran and Azerbaijani Turk Civil Rights Activists

What role have Azerbaijani-Turks played in Iran's recent protests? For some of the country's minoritized ethnicities, the issues behind the demonstrations are just a selection of many more.

An Interview with Aria E. Torkanbouri: Azerbaijani-Turk Composer and Ethnomusicologist

Vienna-based composer, ethnomusicologist and music theorist, Aria Torkanbouri, discusses some "not encouraging" realities for Azerbaijani-Turk musicians in Iran.

Starting a Virtual Book Club to Learn Her Own Language: an Interview with Nahid Jafari

What is it like to learn to read and write as an adult? Nahid Jafari, a Ph.D.-holding assistant professor, understands the feeling, as do many other Azerbaijani-Turks from Iran.

Ali Javan, a Great Azerbaijani-American Physicist and Inventor

What is it like to learn to read and write as an adult? Nahid Jafari, a Ph.D.-holding assistant professor, understands the feeling, as do many other Azerbaijani-Turks from Iran.

Reza Baraheni, Writer, Poet, Literary Critic, and Public Intellectual: A Life-long Champion of Social Justice and Freedom of Speech

March 24 saw the death in exile of Reza Baraheni (1936-2022), one of Iran’s most important literary figures of the 20th and 21st centuries and a foremost campaigner for minority rights in his homeland.

Interview With Rap Artist Payam Turk: My Music Breaks Stereotypes Around Azerbaijani-Turkish in Iran

The most prominent Azerbaijani-Turkish rap artist in Iran - Payam Turk. His music has millions of views, despite rejection by authorities as "inappropriate." Is it the rap that's the problem, or his mother tongue?

Filmmaking as a Way of Representing Our Experience of the World: An Interview With Mohammad Alimoradi

Vahid Qarabagli caught up with Tabriz-based award winning documentary filmmaker Mohammad Alimoradi. In the interview, he discusses both the joys and challenges of this type of work in Iran.

#ManoFarsi – Hashtag Activists Addressing Linguistic Marginalization in Iran

Minoritized groups in Iran have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #ManoFarsi, meaning "Farsi and Me." The campaign is building awareness of ethnolinguistic rights issues and solidarity among non-Farsi speakers.

10 February 2022

Iran, Opinion

The Troubled Story of the Tabriz Ark – Are There Deeper Meanings Behind Archaeological Insensitivity?

When is an Ark not a properly loved Ark? When its history doesn’t fit the main official narrative, suggests Vahid Qarabagli.

31 January 2022

Iran, Stories

The Influence of Turkey’s TV Series on Azerbaijani-Turks in Iran

You've probably seen Turkish TV shows popping up in your Netflix feed. These shows are not just great television, but also empowering the biggest minority group in Iran.

7 December 2021

Caucasus, Opinion