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Alexander Davitashvili

Alexander Davitashvili is a political expert with over a decade of experience in politics, democracy, security, foreign affairs and EU enlargement. Mr. Davitashvili is a PhD candidate of European Studies at Tbilisi State University, a researcher at the Institute of European Studies, and an invited lecturer at the Business and Technology University. He works as an analyst for various international organizations and security-related think tanks in Georgia.

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Alexander Davitashvili


Georgian Dream Decides to Impeach President Zourabichvili

Georgia's political scene is in turmoil as Georgian Dream seeks to impeach President Zourabichvili following years of discord, notably on EU integration, casting doubts on the nation's stability and commitment to its European future.

Chinese Dream and Georgian Dream Match as Countries Establish Strategic Partnership

During Georgian PM Garibashvili’s visit to China from 26 July to 1 August, the two countries governments established a strategic partnership. While this has many benefits for the Georgian economy, it has left some wondering what this means for Georgia’s relationship with the West.

EU, U.S., and UK Special Envoys Commend Georgia's Effective Implementation of Sanctions Against Russia

Despite positive statements from EU, U.S., and UK Special Envoys concerns have not dissipated surrounding potential "black holes" in Georgian customs allowing Russia to circumvent sanctions.

12 July 2023

Caucasus, Opinion

Kyrgyzstan's Democracy Threatened: Implications of the Russian Foreign Agent Law

A new law is threatening Kyrgyzstan’s age old traditions of freedom of expression. Aleksandre Davitashvili looks at the history of democratic thought amongst the Kyrgyz and examines the nature of the threat that the country faces.

Georgian Dream Leaves the Party of European Socialists: Implications for the Country’s Future

As Georgian Dream leave the Party of European Socialists, Alexander Davitashvili considers what implications this may have on Georgia’s future.

Georgian Wonder Boy Helps Napoli Win Third Serie A Title After 33 Years

Georgian footballer, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, has helped Napoli to win a Serie A title after 33 years.