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Alexander Davitashvili

Alexander Davitashvili is a political expert with over a decade of experience in politics, democracy, security, foreign affairs and EU enlargement. Mr. Davitashvili is a PhD candidate of European Studies at Tbilisi State University, a researcher at the Institute of European Studies, and an invited lecturer at the Business and Technology University. He works as an analyst for various international organizations and security-related think tanks in Georgia.

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Alexander Davitashvili


Georgian Dream Reinitiates Russian-Style Foreign Agent Bill

On 3 April, Mamuka Mdinaradze, Leader of the Parliamentary Majority, announced from the headquarters of Georgian Dream that the ruling party plans to reintroduce the so-called ‘Foreign Agent Law,’ now renamed the Draft Bill on ‘Transparency of Foreign Influence.’ Georgian Dream’s narrative has undergone a transformation, with a focus on transparency rather than categorizing CSOs as agents.

Making History: Georgia's Journey to Euro 2024

There are few historic moments in Georgian football, and 26 March will be remembered as one, as Georgia will participate in the European Championship for the first time after defeating Greece 4:2 at Boris Paichadze Dinamo Stadium, Tbilisi.

27 March 2024

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First Georgian UFC Champion Presents Belt at Boris Paichadze Dinamo Stadium and Receives Order of Honor

Ilia Topuria, the UFC’s new undisputed featherweight champion, returned to Georgia and presented a belt at Boris Paichadze Dinamo Stadium before the match between Georgia and Luxembourg.

26 March 2024

Caucasus, Stories

Spirit Wrestlers: A Glimpse into the Dukhobors of Georgia

Alexander Davitashvili travels to the Georgian village of Gorelovka to visit a community of Dukhobors, an ethnically Russian Protestant Christian group, who reside in the region.

29 November 2023

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Georgian Dream Decides to Impeach President Zourabichvili

Georgia's political scene is in turmoil as Georgian Dream seeks to impeach President Zourabichvili following years of discord, notably on EU integration, casting doubts on the nation's stability and commitment to its European future.

Chinese Dream and Georgian Dream Match as Countries Establish Strategic Partnership

During Georgian PM Garibashvili’s visit to China from 26 July to 1 August, the two countries governments established a strategic partnership. While this has many benefits for the Georgian economy, it has left some wondering what this means for Georgia’s relationship with the West.

EU, U.S., and UK Special Envoys Commend Georgia's Effective Implementation of Sanctions Against Russia

Despite positive statements from EU, U.S., and UK Special Envoys concerns have not dissipated surrounding potential "black holes" in Georgian customs allowing Russia to circumvent sanctions.

12 July 2023

Caucasus, Opinion

Kyrgyzstan's Democracy Threatened: Implications of the Russian Foreign Agent Law

A new law is threatening Kyrgyzstan’s age old traditions of freedom of expression. Aleksandre Davitashvili looks at the history of democratic thought amongst the Kyrgyz and examines the nature of the threat that the country faces.

Georgia’s Occupied South Ossetia Set to Hold a Referendum on Joining Russia: What Does it Mean for Georgia?

Georgia’s breakaway republic of South Ossetia voted out Anatoly Bibilov as de-facto president in recent elections. But that didn’t stop him from decreeing a referendum on the entity’s possible annexation by Russia – even though it seems that nobody else publically supports such a vote.

Georgian Dream Leaves the Party of European Socialists: Implications for the Country’s Future

As Georgian Dream leave the Party of European Socialists, Alexander Davitashvili considers what implications this may have on Georgia’s future.

Georgian Wonder Boy Helps Napoli Win Third Serie A Title After 33 Years

Georgian footballer, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, has helped Napoli to win a Serie A title after 33 years.

The History that Shaped Georgia's European Orientation

Georgia's link to Europe is more ancient than most people think. Alexander Davitashvili analyzes the events that formed the country's current ambition to join the EU.

6 September 2022

Caucasus, Opinion

Russian Migration: 25 000 Russians and Counting Seeking a New Life in Georgia

Faced with a growing flood of Russians fleeing their sanction hit country, Georgia sees both opportunity and peril: the real estate market has started to boom, but locals fear the influence of newcomers on their society.

A Story of Friendship: Georgia and Ukraine Stand Together

Alexander Davitashvili meets up with a couple of Ukrainians stranded in Georgia.

1 March 2022

Caucasus, Stories

Giga Chikadze – Georgia’s High-flying Fighter Aims for the UFC Featherweight Crown

The first UFC Fight Night 2022, is just two days away - January 15th. The main event of the evening will be the featherweight battle between #Georgia’s own GIGA CHIKADZE, the “Ninja” and American Calvin Kattar, the "Boston Finisher."

13 January 2022

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Russia’s Failing Attempt to Maintain Influence in Georgia

Political analyst Alexander Davitashvili takes stock of Russia's waning influence on Georgia: Moscow’s power plays, the branding of every party by the other as ‘pro-Russian’, and eastern Europe’s rising right wing.

24 September 2021

Caucasus, Opinion

Why Georgians Don’t Trust Russia: My Historical Overview

The relationship between Georgia and Russia has been a long and tumultuous one. Alexander Davitashvili takes a personal look through the history of the countries’ interactions and comes to his own conclusion.

13 September 2021

Caucasus, Opinion

Georgian Dream Abandons April 19 Agreement

The ruling party of Georgia, Georgian Dream, has abandoned an agreement struck on April 19 that was mediated by the Council of the European Union and meant to protect democracy and limit electoral violations. This move has been widely criticized by members of the opposition and the international community at large.

Georgia, a Land of Political Theatre

Demonstrations, boycotts, EU mediation and new electoral systems: is Georgia experiencing dangerous polarisation or just the rough and tumble of an evolving democracy?

28 July 2021

Caucasus, Opinion