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Stephanie Lazerte

Stephanie first experienced the Caspian region working as a translation consultant and project manager for minority language development in Azerbaijan. Armed with a Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics, she studied Azerbaijani and Lezgi, and has dabbled in some other languages of the Caucasus. Beside linguistics, her interests are literature, ethnography, ancient languages, and gender issues.

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Stephanie Lazerte


The "Lachin" Highway Situation Continues

After ten days on the "Lachin" Highway, Azerbaijani protesters continue to demonstrate, ostensibly against unlicensed mining in Armenian-administered areas of Karabakh, but the geopolitical stakes are higher.

How a Soccer Team Is Amplifying the Voices of Azerbaijani-Turks in Iran

For the large group of Azerbaijani-Turks living in Iran ethno-linguistic expression is complicated. At Tractor FC football matches, however, they can “voice their otherwise silenced opinions and discontents while sharing in a sense of mutual solidarity.” Can a football stadium really contain all that pride?

We Ended Up in Grey Places – Part One

“You can talk about a church, you can talk about a mosque, you can talk about any other temple. But for us our houses were our temples.” Dr. Mammadov said. “They were destroyed. And no one talks about that…”

16 April 2021

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