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21 June 2024

Baku Fashion Week: Fashion Takes Center Stage in Azerbaijan

Baku fashion week

baku fashion week

Image: Eddie Brend

Azerbaijan is starting to make headlines as an emerging fashion hub in the Caucuses. During May 24-26, the country witnessed the second season of Baku Fashion Week, hosted at the glamorous Baku Crystal Hall. The hall's crystalline façade radiates and reflects light, creating a visually captivating spectacle both during the day and night. Designers, models, celebrities, guests, and fashion enthusiasts alike came together at the hall to experience a true celebration and ode to the glimmering world of fashion. The three-day show was organized by ModePoint, an organization supporting fashion development in Azerbaijan, and Stock, a concept store that unites and collaborates with over 100 Azerbaijani designers and brands.

Azerbaijan's rich heritage in textile arts and clothing is ever-present in its traditional attire, embellished with cultural motifs and ornamental elements. However, it is a significant cultural shift to observe how the country is becoming more daring and bold in fashion, leaving behind its once conservative stance. The three-day fashion show was a testament to this shift, with designers and fashion brands pushing boundaries and introducing new perspectives to the country's fashion landscape.

The first day started strong with Sultan Gadimbayli shining a spotlight on corseted attire, which has become popular in the fashion world to emphasize the contour of the body. L'arc, a brand created by influencer Kamilla Babayeva, showcased brightly coloured dresses to highlight the striking look of femininity. On the other hand, the Other Azer brand turned heads as all the models wore dark reflective masks that covered their faces, creating a futuristic and extra-terrestrial atmosphere on the runway. Guests also watched the first international brand of the three-day event walk the runway. Russian Viva Vox emphasized oversized outfits with black and red colours, creating striking and bold looks.