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Konul Shahin

After graduating from Baku State University and completing a Master’s degree at Düzce University, Konul Shahin moved to Istanbul, where she works as a researcher at Ankara Policy Centre. Her work focuses primarily on developments in the South Caucasus countries, post-conflict normalization, and the relations of these countries with Türkiye.

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Konul Shahin


Landmine Victims: Struggle for Safety in Post-Conflict Azerbaijan

The Abishov family is among the many Azerbaijani families who have suffered the loss of their loved ones to landmines. As more lives are claimed by landmines planted due to the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, urgent international support is essential to address this ongoing problem.

17 June 2024

Caucasus, Stories

The Martyr Museum of Azerbaijan—Kalbajar History and Ethnography Museum

Kalbajar's History and Ethnography Museum was once one of the most visited museums in Azerbaijan. However, after the Armenian armed forces occupied Kalbajar in 1993, the museum was destroyed and looted.

The Revival of Lachin City—The Joy of Returning Home

Lachin, which was occupied by Armenian Armed Forces in 1992, was returned to Azerbaijan in August 2022. Now, rebuilding work continues in the city. Lachin residents, who were forced to leave their hometown 30 years ago, are returning home.

Daughters of the Land of Fire: Women’s Football in Azerbaijan

Women's football in Azerbaijan persists and grows amid challenges, with rising participation among girls in Baku and other regions. Despite challenges, the Azerbaijan Women's National Football Team holds the 76th position in the FIFA Women's World Rankings out of 192 countries.

1 April 2024

Caucasus, Stories

Beyond Borders: The Enduring Friendship of a Fisherman and a Stork Named Yaren

The friendship story of Adem Yılmaz, a fisherman living in Eskikaraağaç village in Türkiye, and a male stork, Yaren, won the hearts of millions. This year, these two friends met for the 13th time.

22 March 2024

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